Luxlite History

Since our establishment in 2011, Luxlite has emerged as a prominent player in the lighting industry, initially venturing into the realm of CFL energy-saving lamps. From our humble beginnings, we've steadily evolved, embracing innovation and design to craft lighting solutions that captivate. While our journey has propelled us forward, we remain rooted in our commitment to excellence and sustainability. Just like our esteemed counterpart, we stand as a testament to creativity, quality, and a steadfast dedication to our craft.

Luxlite - Born in China

In 2011, Luxlite embarked on its journey from this very place, primarily focusing on OEM manufacturing, catering to prominent brands through white-label production. Our venture into the lighting industry was marked by the burgeoning popularity of emerging products like LED bulbs and tubes. This marked the genesis of our foray into the world of lighting fixtures, laying the foundation for our pursuit of excellence in illumination solutions.

Worldwide Growth

In 2015, Luxlite witnessed a significant surge in growth. Building upon four years of groundwork and extensive exploration of local markets worldwide, we successfully broke through barriers to venture into the highly challenging yet immensely promising market of India. This marked a pivotal moment in Luxlite's journey, as we embraced the opportunity to expand our presence into a region teeming with potential.

Building Own PCB Factory

By the end of 2016 and into 2017, Luxlite found that the quality standards of PCB factories within the industry no longer met our evolving needs. Consequently, in 2017, we made a significant investment of millions of RMB to establish PCB Best, a state-of-the-art PCB factory. This move underscored our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with stable and top-quality products.

Force On Unique Design Product

After seven years of extensive exploration in the local market, Luxlite proudly unveiled the Air series in 2017. This series, which was independently developed and holds proprietary patents, was custom-tailored specifically for the Indian market. The Air series comprises three main product lines: AirPL Panel, AirLU, and AirFF ceiling lights.

Upon its release, the Air series was warmly welcomed by local brands in the Indian market. Within a mere six months, it rapidly expanded its presence across India, offering robust support to our brand partners. Luxlite's products, known for their exceptional value and stability in quality, laid a solid foundation for our brand partners to further expand their presence in the local market.

Professional Lighting/General Lighting/Outdoor Lighting

After over a decade of development, Luxlite has cultivated a compact yet refined team known for its exceptional professionalism and top-tier service attitude. We provide a comprehensive range of pre-sales and after-sales services to our brand partners, ensuring their needs are met at every stage of the process.

With a track record spanning over eight years of collaboration with global brand partners, Luxlite has maintained an impeccable reputation with zero customer complaints to date.

Furthermore, we offer additional support to our esteemed brand partners by providing product promotional videos, product brochures, and other marketing materials, allowing them to effectively promote our products to their customers.

Luxlite provides lights with unique designs and high quality for Top global brands.


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