Indoor Silm Magnetic Track Luxlite LX-1000

1.Ultra-slim Design

2.Effortless Installation

3.Vibrant Variety

4.Space-Saving Solution

5.Cost and Time Efficient

Product Material:Die-casting Aluminum

Product Warranty: 3 years

Product Certificates:CE, LVD, Rohs

Painter Magnetic Track – Innovatively Slim and Versatile

Ultra-slim Design: With an unprecedented thickness of just 6.7mm, our magnetic track stands out as the sleekest rail in the market, offering a modern and minimalistic look.

Effortless Installation: Experience the fastest and easiest installation process available, ensuring convenience and saving valuable time during setup.

Vibrant Variety: Choose from a diverse range of 7 attractive colors for the magnetic tracks, enabling you to propose the perfect match for any interior or design preference.

Space-Saving Solution: Its slim profile not only enhances aesthetics but also facilitates easy storage due to its minimal space requirements, allowing for efficient stock management.

Cost and Time Efficient: The user-friendly installation system doesn’t require specialized skills, saving labor costs and time, making it a profitable and accessible choice for everyone.



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