Painter 48V Internal Magnetic Power Supplies

LX-60V048K (60W)
LX-100V048K (100W)
LX-200V048K (200W)
LX-300V048K (300W)
LX-400V048K (400W)


Type: Internal Power Supply for 2 Phase track
Output Voltage: DC48V
Compatible Wattages: Available in 60W, 100W, 200W, 300W, and 400W options
Suitable Application: Designed for magnetic track systems

Product Overview:
The Painter series offers a range of Internal Magnetic Power Supplies, including LX-60V048K (60W), LX-100V048K (100W), LX-200V048K (200W), LX-300V048K (300W), and LX-400V048K (400W). These power supplies are specifically designed to cater to 2 Phase track systems, providing consistent and reliable DC48V output power to effectively support your lighting requirements. Choose from various wattage options based on your specific needs for optimal performance and seamless integration within your lighting setup.


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