Professional Indoor Led Spotlights cutout 95mm 15W recess Spotlights LX-SL01-95-15

Introducing our exceptional Magic Spotlight series, where versatility meets brilliance. With 3 frame types, 4 reflective cover options, and over 44 combinations available, finding the perfect match for your lighting needs is effortless. Featuring a convenient buckle design for easy assembly and versatile hole size options of 95mm, these spotlights are suitable for a variety of scenarios. With more than 11 color options for reflectors, customizable illumination is just a touch away.

Product Material:PC Die-casting aluminum

Product Warranty: 2 years

Product Certificates:CE, BIS,SAA

  1. Introducing our 95mm MagicSeries, designed to complement recessΒ frame, while also offering the versatility to switch to spotlights with three different bezel options. Commonly used in living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms
  2. our spotlights are perfect for focused displays. With their sleek design, easy installation, and adaptable functionality, they effortlessly enhance any space.
  3. Experience customizable lighting solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal illumination and ambiance.


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